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Sin Bin Tag

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4 or more


Balls, Cones, Tag Belts


The object of the game is for each team to steal the tags from an opposition player, when a player has stolen a tag they must place the tag into their sin bin, i.e. a player from team B (yellow) steals a tag from a team A player (Red) and places it into yellow teams sin bin. If a player loses both tags they go into the sin bin with their tags (going off the pitch, player into bin). The winner will have a complete team in their sin bin.


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

Mark out an area suitable for the number of players with a space at each end for the sin bin. Players should try to keep moving and communicate to work together to pick off the tags. Keep running into space.

Variation / Progression

Players can offer one of their tags (if they have two) to give a life to a team mate. Release team mates from the sin bin by getting close enough to high five them (they must have their tags on) and get them back in the game.

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