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Stuck in Mud

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6 or more


Balls, Cones, Tag Belts


  • Start with group in 20m x 20m square (Diagram not to scale)
  • Select 3 players to be catchers/defenders
  • All players to wear Tag Belts & Defenders must try to Tag Tackle the Attackers
  • Catchers to try and remove a Tag from an Attacker
  • If tagged, Attacker must then stand arms out until they are freed by another player by running under their arm (front to back) who then picks up the tag and returns it to the freed attacker.
  • If Tag is removed then defenders must hold Tag above their heads to demonstrate a successful Tag tackle and place Tag at the feet of the Tag tackled attacker.


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Players run to space
  • Players looking for space - head up not at the floor
  • Changing direction quickly using footwork
  • Avoiding the defenders
  • Carry ball in 2 hands

Variation / Progression

Defenders to use ball to Tag attackers on back only


  • Decrease number of defenders
  • Increase size of the grid area


  • Increase number of defenders
  • Decrease size of the grid area

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