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Please find below the contact list of the Integrity Department

   Jeremy Rogers - Head of Policy and Integrity - jrogers@wru.wales              

  Clive Chard – Safeguarding Manager cchard@wru.wales 

 Leah Thomas – Discipline & Anti-Doping Manager lthomas@wru.wales.          

 Lewis Cannon – Community Welfare Manager lcannon@wru.wales

 Lindsey Chaplin – Integrity Training & Education Manager lchaplin@wru.wales    

 Mandi Venn – Disciplinary Co-ordinator mvenn@wru.wales

 Tony Rees – Age Grade Disciplinary Co-ordinator arees@wru.wales


WRU Integrity Line 029 20 822 200                        

WRU Integrity Mailbox integrity@wru.wales

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