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Rugby is a sport that can have a positive influence on children and assist in developing valuable qualities such as leadership, confidence and self-esteem. Rugby clubs across Wales have a key role in providing opportunities for children to be empowered so that they develop these qualities. Coaching is a key aspect of this development and clubs need to understand their responsibility for promoting and delivering good coaching practice, which will ultimately provide a positive rugby experience.

Safeguarding is a key component of the Welsh Rugby Union’s drive to support the work of our volunteers in our communities and clubs across Wales. We understand how important it is to constantly evolve our policies, procedures and practice to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable people in our game.

The WRU are committed to working hard alongside our clubs to strengthen all aspects of our safeguarding activities so that children, young people and vulnerable adults involved in rugby union continue to enjoy the sport within a safe and positive environment.

The WRU have been awarded Level Three of the NSPCC National Safeguarding Standards for safeguarding children in sport.

WRU Safeguarding Unit

For all DBS related queries or concerns please email dbs@wru.wales

Clive Chard - Safeguarding Manager


Click HERE to the Welsh version of  WRU Codes of practice PDF

Click HERE to the English version of  WRU Codes of practice PDF

Click HERE to WRU Safeguarding Policy PDF 

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