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Injury Reporting

Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust 

Who they are

The Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust was established in 1972 by former President of the Welsh Rugby Union Sir Tasker Watkins VC to help players who have been severely injured while playing rugby.

What they do?

The Trust’s principal aim is to enhance the quality of life of players who have suffered terrible injuries. It strives to offer practical, educational and social support. In the early days of an injury this may include covering the costs of families visiting their loved one in hospital.

For further information please visit the website of the Welsh Charitable Trust.

Report an Injury

So that the Welsh Charitable Trust can take an active role in the care and rehabilitation of seriously injured players, it is vital that the WRU is notified via email (integrity@wru.wales) of all injuries that qualify by using the WRU’s Injury Report Form.

Injury Reporting Form

Welsh Rugby Union Community Injury Surveillance Program

This project has been developed to establish an injury surveillance system for community game rugby in Wales and all adult community teams (women and men) are invited to participate. Each club will be responsible for reporting their team’s injury data using an online survey, in collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University.


The injury surveillance program will allow for the description of the specific injury trends at community level, including injury patterns, mechanisms, and risk factors. This knowledge will inform the subsequent design and implementation of tailored injury prevention education strategies to reduce community game injury rates.

Women's World Rugby Injury Research Project

What is the purpose of the study?

This project is a World Rugby funded research study on the rate and risk of injury on adult women's rugby union. This study is a multi- centre home Nations collaboration and is fully supported by the Scottish (SRU), Welsh (WRU) and English (RFU)rugby unions.

The purpose of the study is to understand the incidence and nature of match and training injury, in National level adult women rugby union players across England, Scotland and Wales. The project aims to see if it differs between Unions, is compared to the men's teams across the three unions, and also how this compares to other female rugby union cohorts. The information will be used to identify areas of greatest injury risk.

Injury Reporting Poster

For further information on how to participate, please contact the WRU Integrity Team (integrity@wru.wales) more information.

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