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Front Tackle

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12 or more


Balls, Cones, Shields


  • 1 v 1 tackling in a 5m x 5m grid/ ensure no other working groups are near area
  • Ball carrier is the attacker and the player without the ball is the defender
  • Use of ball encourages tackled player to assist fall to ground & allow ball carrier to be developed in presentation technique


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Hands up ("boxers hands"), chin up off chest into squat position
  • Lower the hips just prior to contact, wrap arms around ball carriers legs (band of steel grip)
  • Head to be on the side of the thigh, go with the momentum and take the tackle- half twist during tackle will assist head positioning.
  • Get onto your feet as soon as possible after tackle is complete

Variation / Progression

  • Variations In speed - Slow to fast
  • Start off with tackler in squat position, progress to tackler jogging.
  • Work both shoulders, left and right
  • Work on tackler regaining feet and contesting ball

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