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3 v 1 Introduction

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Groups of 4


Balls, Cones


  • In groups of 4
  • Number players 1,2, 3 and 4.
  • Player 1 & 2 & 3 are attackers (A1, A2 & A3). Player 4 is a defender (D1)
  • Player 1(A1) needs to engage defender to enable A2 & A3 to beat D1 successfully.
  • Drill is directional
  • Rotate players role so all experience passing and trying to intercept the pass.


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Encourage players to
  • Look up and scan where the defender and attacker are standing
  • Ball carrier to engage defender by attacking their inside shoulder
  • Foot movement to draw defender away from support player
  • Receiver has hands up to receive the ball
  • Receiver to call for the ball
  • Pass accurately - hands finishing at the target

Variation / Progression

  • Static Defender Only
  • Allow defender to move side ways only
  • Allow defender to move forwards progressing through walk, jog, run
  • Allow defender to move freely from start position progressing through walk, jog, run
  • Game: Continuous 3 v 1 with attackers looking to score on alternate try lines for 5 attempts. Defender always aligns opposite starting ball carrier. Defender to keep score.

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