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Welcome to MyWRU Support!

By popular demand, a series of short videos and helpful guides are available on this page to further support clubs.

Simply click on the links below to gain access.

MyWRU Registration Webinar 02-08-23:

To watch the MyWRU Registration Webinar Video from 02-08-23 please click HERE.

MyWRU Tutorial Videos: 

What is Online Registration?

MyWRU Player Verification

MyWRU Coach and Referee Verification

MyWRU Club Operations Manager Verification

MyWRU First Aid and Team Manager Verification

DBS Process

Helpful Guides:

WRU Online Registration

MyWRU Participant 'Verification How to Guide'


I have had persistent problems getting on to game locker.

The address for the Game Locker is https://www.wrugamelocker.wales/. If you are having specific trouble logging in to your account, please use the ‘reset password’ ‘recover username’ options. If you are still having trouble, contact mywru@wru.wales.


Why isn't MyWRU updating currently, I have 3 people who have registered over the weekend as first aiders, but I still can't see them ?

Once an individual has registered, sometimes we will need to match the registration to an existing profile. This is an action for the WRU which can mean some registrations don’t appear immediately on your clubs pending lists.


How do we deregister players who are no longer playing

You can deregister players within MyWRU. There are screen casts on the WRU Game Locker to show you how to do this and we will provide the link towards the end of the webinar.


I've been Hon Sec and Club Ops Manager for a long time - and I've never been asked to 'verify' anyone and have never been asked about it - how can I tell who is 'verifying' - if anyone?!

Hon Sec and COM you do not need to verify anyone. The two roles that usually verify roles are the Club Secretary and CCRC (Club Coach and Referee Coordinator).


Our mini/junior section have not uploaded any teams/fixtures, how do I go about correcting this?

Fixtures can be added by your team managers for all ages, via MYWRU.


If someone registers incorrectly, say as a first aider but they aren't, can the club change it or does it have to be done by the individual?

The individual should log in to their game locker profile, and remove that from their account.


Under 18 youth registration. If they are eligible to play senior rugby as well, I assume club uses the migration tab and retain both roles

That is correct


I have done 10 first aid people ready to put on my site

If you could ask your First Aiders to register on the WRU Game Locker they would then be added to your MyWRU club admin.


Do coaches and first aiders have to upload evidence of their qualifications?

Both qualifications will be automatically added to thier profile however, any in date older qualifications can also be uploaded to the profile of the person via their profile on the WRU Game Locker.


Can you put the email address for the secretary to get authorisation for coaching access approval please

Please email: mmorgan@wru.wales with all the details and the Club Secretary/Coaching access profile will be updated.


Are DBS checks required for senior team coaching staff?

No, DBS checks are not required for senior staff.


We have had numerous new coaches etc this month (a lot of our volunteers are forces personnel). How likely are their DBS checks be completed before end of March?

The DBS are taking an average of 2-5 days to turn around. The volunteers would still need to register via Game Locker, but from experience, Forces personnel can take a little longer for checks to be undertaken.


I have a number of coaches with dbs expiring in June but can't accept them on MyWRU. Is it because they only have a short period left on their dbs? i.e. 3 months

That is correct. The DBS of the coaches would need to be updated. The coaches will have received a link 3 months prior to their DBS expiry dates, with a link to how to renew their DBS.


Are coms. sent to Club Sec?

Yes, that is the usual process.


Do volunteers under 18 yrs old need a DBS ?

Yes. anybody over 16


Why are we no longer to register or transfer players? I know the window is shut, but we still need to transfer a dual registered player to us.

Registration for players is still open for players that are currently not registered with any other club however, the transfer window being shut will not allow any currently registered players the opportunity to move club. If you feel that there is a special circumstance that would result in a player transferring outside of the transfer window please contact your WRU Regional Manager who may be in a position to help.


How do we deregister team managers, first aiders and/or coaches?

The roles will automatically deregister at the end of each season however, if you would like the roles to be deregistered sooner please contact your WRU Regional Manager, who will be in a position to help.


What is the defined role of a club operations manager?

There is a role description that can be accessed via Lewis Cannon (lcannon@wru.wales) so you can see the defined role.


Who should I contact to discuss issues, such as coaches not appearing on my WRU, Coaching Quals not updated etc?

Please contact your WRU Regional Coach Development Officer (CDO) who will be in a position to help.


How can I change a coaches Teams if they are stuck in the pending section awaiting DBS? For example if a senior coach has added a junior team by mistake.

next to any pending registration, you should see an ‘edit’ option. If you click that, you can amend the teams associated with the individuals registration.


Is there any way that a coaches or manager’s DBS expiry date could be shown on their gamelocker account?

Thank you for the suggestion, we will put this forward to our digital team to explore.


What happens about updates after 31st March as the season for Seniors does not end until mid May?

The first 15 teams are not included in this audit model and is covered by the Core Grant.


Do the secretaries have to re-register?



Does everyone have to do a full new registration each season, or is there a simple "renew" button?

Yes, everyone does have to register each season however, providing that all personal details are the same the only update to the profile will be their role for the forthcoming season. The rest of the information will be pre-populated.


I need to register myself (secretary) as Club Ops manager and also edit our team manager. Can't find on mywru... can you please assist?

Please head to the WRU Game Locker to register.


I have a coach who has previously had a dbs with a middle name This year's hasn't gone through as she left out her middle name... how can I resolve it?

Please contact Clive Chard: cchard@wru.wales who will be in a position to help.


For the 23-24 season, I believe the deadline for completing registration is September.  what happens to players and volunteers that join after that

They register on the system as they take up the role


I need to transfer some players from 1st team to second team, how do i do that, as it stand we have no second team players

All registered senior players can play for 1st or 2nd teams without specifying, there is no need to transfer.

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