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Qualification: Rugby Leaders

WRU Rugby Leaders Award

This programme is designed for schools and colleges only.


The Welsh Rugby Union's Developing Rugby Leaders Award.

The Developing Rugby Leaders Award has been created to allow young leaders the opportunity to develop key sports

leadership skills to deliver non-contact based rugby skills sessions. The award is divided into two

parts, encompassing of the Basic and Advanced Awards.

The Basic Award lasts 8 hours, and is centre based learning. Throughout the award, leaders will

follow a carefully constructed syllabus to provide them opportunity to grow their understanding

and practice the use of the following modules:

1. Role, Qualities and Skills of a Sports Leader

2. Planning, Organisation and Review

3. How to Coach Skills

4. Role of the Official and Fair Play in Sport

5. Event Planning, Organising a Festival

There is no formal assessment of the Basic Award, however leaders will be encouraged to contribute

positively to the sessions and will receive feedback based on their performance and evidence

produced. Leaders will also have a workbook that will accompany them throughout their award.

Completion of all relevant paperwork will be compulsory to receiving the Basic Award, including

Home Study Tasks.

Following successful completion of the Basic Award, leaders will have the opportunity to further

develop their skills and undertake the Advanced Award. The Advanced Award consists of the leaders

completing a 10 hour reflective coaching diary of sessions they have delivered, complete with session

plans and delivery reflections. Leaders will also be required to plan, deliver and review a

participation festival for a minimum of 3 teams. The Advanced Award allows the leader to gain

vocational experience of the learning they have adopted during the Basic Award, adding a greater

"employability" factor to their coaching role applications with prospective employers.

The Welsh Rugby Union hopes you find the Rugby Leaders Awards, enjoyable, informative and

motivational towards prospective further education and vocational opportunities within the Welsh

Rugby Union.

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