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With the resources which we have available we have made a strategic decision to prioritise coaches who are already appointed to international roles and a depth chart of coaches who are considered to be of high potential and are likely to be future international or regional coaches.

These coaches will receive one to one support from a highly skilled coach developer who role is to support them in the creation and delivery of their personal development plan.

There will be additional support in three performance coach roles which are Leadership, Performance and Development. These will be delivered through a series of specialist events upon each topic where experts in the field will offer their thoughts an ideas within a framework and be available for questions and discussion in order to help the coaches create their own approach.

The outcome of the coach development process is to ensure that the WRU have a depth of a quality coaches who they know are ready will and eager to step into high performance roles and deliver quality coaching support to the players and their teams to achieve the success which they desire.

The plan also includes structured support for coaches wishing to be deployed (although it should be clear that the department does not select coaches for deployment) and provides a framework and assistance in previewing and reviewing personal and team performance.

Finally all coaches who have achieved the level 3 qualification or are working towards it will have the opportunity to register as a WRU performance coach and be supported in creating their own personal development plan and access the range of support which includes:

The primary focus are those coaches who have been appointed by the WRU into high performance roles and these include the men's and women’s senior teams, the age grade teams and the sevens teams.

We will also identify the coaches who we feel are likely to step into international performance roles in the near future and they will make up the succession group.

The Select group are coaches who have been identified as high leverage in the medium and longer term.

The Accelerate group is a community of practice to support coaches who are working or aspire to work in the performance environment.

Regional coach development is designed for coaches working within the regions and this will be a bespoke offer, the content and attendees of which will be decided upon by the regions themselves.

Registered Coaches are coaches who have achieved a level three qualification and aspire to work in a full-time or part time performance role and recognise that continual development is critical to achieve their aspiration and have completed their registration on the WRU site.

The level of support provided to each group will vary and is outlined under the “What” section of the site.


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