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Strategic Imperative

As a smaller country than most of our competitors we must ensure that we identify and then develop those coaches who are most likely to be able to be successful in a high-performance environment. In this regard our size is our strength as we are able to identify and then focus upon these high leverage coaches more easily and move faster than larger countries with many more coaches and players. The WRU performance Coach strategy.

In order to improve the Performance coaching capability in Wales and to maximise the potential of Welsh registered players in the performance environments our strategy is to focus upon those high leverage coaches in order to make the greatest difference.

Having identified the coaches who are most likely to make the biggest difference we must ensure that we have congruent thinking and processes which point towards the senior men's and women’s team performances and their success.

Congruent thinking is a key element of the development process providing our performance coaches to meet and share ideas, hear from the very best practitioners from within and without the game. 

As budgets reduce, we have a great opportunity and critical need to maximise the development of home-grown players through effective coaching.

The Women's game is growing extremely fast and as with many other sports its ongoing development is critical to the growth of an inclusive game. International success produces incredible  role models to inspire the next generation of players and fans and of course ensure the long term sustainability of the game. 

The expression “if you can't see it you can't be it” never sounded more true. 

It is imperative therefore that we accelerate the development and support high leverage female coaches in older to support the players to become their best version of themselves.

We must raise the profile of coaches and coaching within the game to create sustainable performance cultures.

Speaking to the WRU AGM back in 1967 the father of modern day coach the great Ray Williams said, “I am not naive enough to think that everyone in this gathering is in favour of coaching. You are not certain what it involves and regard change with great caution. My job will be to convince you that it is in the best interests of the game” We have progressed since 1967 but we still have a job to do and carry on Ray’s work.

We must continue to raise the profile of coaching and coaches within the game because great coaching attracts more players, more fans and generates even greater success in all its forms.

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