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Why do we need a plan to develop coaches?

Consider how fast the game has developed in the last ten years. Now consider how you have developed as a coach.

Have you kept pace, are you still coaching in the past or are you at the leading edge?

Continual development is critical for coaches to ensure that they stay ahead of the game and support the players to be the best that they can be.

“If the only tool in your tool box is a hammer every problem will look like a nail.  Take the time to broaden your skill set. To enable the players and coaches you work with to benefit.” Nigel Walker

It is not just about the game we play and how we play it. It must also be about the safety of the players, maintaining the values and integrity of the game and ensuring that rugby in Wales is a game for everybody whatever their background, ethnicity or gender.

Continual development above and beyond a qualification means that you will benefit from the most recent developments in coaching, be able to adapt your approach after hearing from specialists and experts in the game.

Learning should be fun and drive your motivation to stay in the game,  to encourage and support others to create a real legacy for and within the game

For those in a performance environment where winning is important continual development is a critical component of success and winning more and more often.

Finally and this is really important, the governance of the game is becoming of greater focus to government, sponsors and funding bodies.

Like any well governed organisation training and development is a requirement.

Qualifications demonstrate a threshold of knowledge and continuous personal development demonstrates that those qualifications are being updated and built upon and coaches are up to date with the most recent regulations especially around safeguarding and EDI.

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