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Vision & Purpose

The future does not exist!

The future cannot be touched and is rarely predictable with great accuracy. Sowhen we talk about the future we should do so with a positive intent, optimism and creativity.

Visions are there to motivate and inspire us, to get us out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm and vigour, to start and end the day with a passion to achieve what others dare not even dream about. Vision gives us direction and structure to our plans, the drive to keep going when things are difficult and not everyone believes in the direction and the possibility.

The WRU Performance Coach Development vision is two-fold.

One for the process and one for the coaches. For the process, our vision is to be the most effective Performance Coach development process in world rugby producing highly respected Welsh coaches for the benefit of the national game.

And for the coaches

The inevitable outcome of the WRU coach development process is a cohort of confident Welsh coaches operating with a personal system of success which they have robustly developed under pressure and who are ready, willing and able to take on significant roles within the performance game.

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