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End Ball

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8 or more


Balls, Cones, tag Belts


20m x 30m marked grid area

  • One player from each team must stand behind the try line at the end of the pitch and acts as the 'try scorer'. The attacking team must try and get the ball to their try scorer by means of passing only. If a player is tagged while they have the ball, they have 3 seconds to pass the ball.
  • If the try scorer drops the pass then no try is awarded and the opposition start with a free pass from the try line.
  • Rotate the try scorer after each try
  • If ball is dropped or out of play then the opposition restart the game with a free pass from where the incident occurred. Alter the size of the playing area to suit the capabilities of the players.


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • Ensure ball carrier identifies where there is space
  • Communication
  • Supporters try to find space away from defenders
  • Go forward at every opportunity
  • How can we avoid the defenders?
  • What are the best tactics to use?
  • How can we best use the space?
  • Who should you be passing to?

Variation / Progression

  • Alter the numbers of players (eg. overload the attack)
  • Allocate a number of passes before a try can be scored
  • All passes must be below shoulder height
  • Make try scoring area smaller.
  • Tagger must return tag to tagged player before resuming play
  • Players must not deliberately make contact with each other
  • The ball carrier must not run with the ball

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