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Hungry Dragon

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Balls, Cones, Tag Belts


In groups of 4/5 a nominated player becomes the Hungry Dragon and has to try to intercept the passes made by the players or tag the ball carrier whilst in possession of the ball. Change the Dragon regularly. The aim is to keep the ball away from the Hungry Dragon.


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

  • What decisions have to be made now there is a dragon
  • What can you do to help the ball carrier?

Passing the ball

  • Ball in two hands
  • Focus on target
  • Timing of release

Receiving the ball

  • Call for the ball
  • Provide a target (both hands, palms out, reaching out early for the ball)
  • Move into space

Variation / Progression

  • Set targets for number of passes made
  • Set targets for number of interceptions made
  • Once a TAG is made or the ball is intercepted the number of passes starts at zero again.
  • Change group size i.e. 6 v 2, 5 v 3

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