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4 or more


Balls, Cones


In pairs participants walk/jog around the grid inter-passing. On command players pass the ball back and fore to their partner, counting the number of passes they can make in a given period of time. Dependent on numbers, it is recommended that there are 4 pairs per 20m x 15m grid area.


Session Plan Diagram

Coaching Points

Passing the ball

  • Ball in two hands
  • Aim for target - receiver's hands
  • Timing of pass

Receiving the ball

  • Call for the ball
  • Provide a target (2 hands reaching towards the ball early

Variation / Progression

  • Increase the running speed of players (ensure this is controlled)
  • Increase the groups size i.e. from pairs to 4's etc
  • Alter the type of pass i.e. above head only, knee height only, fast passing

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