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3 player scrum – Building a front row

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Minimum 3


Balls, Shields


1 v 1 Body Profile (warm Up) - See Scrum 3 Activity Session 3 player scrum - To ensure that players have the correct technical help when creating a 3 player front row. 3 player scrum v machine or 3 adults with shields. *Safety is paramount, correct and appropriate instruction, behaviour and supervision required. Revisit engage sequence CROUCH-TOUCH-PAUSE-ENGAGE

Coaching Points

  • Hooker to place hands on head, bend at hips and then bend the knees.(weight on balls of the feet)
  • Loosehead prop should approach the hooker from the rear, and should reach behind the hooker and bind on the hip area at the top of the shorts.
  • Tighthead prop should also approach the hooker from behind and bind on the hip area at the top of the shorts, in a position that allows for their shoulders to remain square.
  • Grip to be full hand, tight and comfortable
  • Correct body profile (as stressed in earlier sessions)
  • Heads to left of opposition player

Variation / Progression

  • 1 v 1 reminder of key points from previous sessions.
  • Build a 3 player static scrum
  • Introduce engagement sequence against scrum machine/adults with shields. * Ensure that equipment and delivery is appropriate to the Pathway Age Specific Directives. Health and Safety is paramount.
  • 3 v 3
  • Game of touch/contact - every restart/infringement starts with a 3 player scrum.

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