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Joint Flexibility

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  • Forward Lunge: Hang arms loosely by sides. Bend legs slightly and sink weight into them. Take a fairly big step forward with the right foot. As lunge forward, the left foot will automatically rise up onto its toes. Slide it back until legs are well spread. Gently lower body until the right thigh is parallel to the ground, the right lower leg is vertical and left knee is just above the ground.
  • Squat: Stand with feet parallel, about waist-width apart. Hold the ball or other suitable object against the belly. Keep back straight. Inhale smoothly and deeply. When exhaling, gently and smoothly lower to the ground, so that the weight is resting on the front of the feet only. Inhale and push up to the standing position. Push with abs as well as legs to rise up. Heels may touch the ground as become upright again.
  • Knee Circles: Stand with feet together. Bend legs and squat down slightly. Put hands on knees so that palms cover kneecaps. Keep feet firmly on the ground and eyes focused on toes Slowly and gently begin move knees in small, clockwise circles.

Variation / Progression

  • Forward Lunge Alternate Leg More repetitions Deeper Lunge
  • Squat Without object - More repetitions With object e.g. ball Deeper Squats
  • Knee Circles

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