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Leadership is one of the cornerstones of the educator framework.

The WRU identifies a number of overarching competencies educators often exhibit.

As you seek to make an impact in your own educating, you might consider mastering some of the following skills:

  • Reflective practice: Helping systems to function with a culture of mindful and meaningful reflection by creating conditions that encourage thoughtful consideration among peers, administrators and other staff members.
  • Personal effectiveness: Understanding your own personal strengths, leadership style and passions, and capitalizing on those attributes to support lifelong learning in others and yourself.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness: Seeking opportunities to better support your colleagues and building critical relationships to promote action that’s based on a shared vision and is deeply rooted in serving the needs of others.
  • Communication: Defining, differentiating and sharing carefully crafted messaging that can spur others to pursue positive change at all levels of the community game.
  • Continuing learning: Creating meaningful professional development goals and seeking learning opportunities to help you achieve them. Examples include pursuing additional higher education, attending conferences or policy forums and participating in research projects.
  • Group processes: Open-mindedly engaging in working with others, skillfully managing group dynamics and guiding groups through challenges.
  • Adult learning: Building an awareness of adult learning to better understand how to impact colleagues and collaborate to enhance instructional growth.
  • Technological facility: Incorporating emerging technology as a tool to communicate with diverse audiences, facilitate collaboration and offer learning activities that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The following are Continuous Educator Development opportunities that you can participate in at your own leisure 

Click HERE to download the presentation from your educator training (Leadership) 

Owen Eastwood - the next 10 years in leadership 

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