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Rugby Leaders 2

The following resources have been designed for you to deliver the WRU rugby leaders 2 course.

Rational and Process -

1. This course is for your best rugby leaders and not to be used as an easy give away to fill someone’s CV up

2. The candidate must be 16 or 16 on completion (Years 12 & 13 ) you can start it after Easter Year 11

3. They must have completed Rugby Leaders 1 before going on this course

4. It's modular in design and can be delivered over a period of time

5. Students will get the WRU coaching early contact qualification on completion

6. It has to be correctly administered as the correct information is needed and linked to the students game locker profile.

Click HERE for the Guide to delivery

Click HERE for the Workbook

Click HERE for the Presentation

Click HERE for the suggested timetable 

Click HERE for the Certificate

Click HERE for some suggested session plans 

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